Table of Contents

Here’s the full table of contents for the revised paperback edition of Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin.

Part I
The Past: Money That We Understand

Chapter 1, Money is a technology

Chapter 2, 1066 and all that

Chapter 3, Money and markets

Chapter 4, Crises and progress

Part II
The Present: Money That We Think We Understand

Chapter 5, Goodbye Pony Express

Chapter 6, Consumer technology

Chapter 7, Moving to mobile

Chapter 8, The case against cash

Chapter 9, Why keep cash?

Chapter 10, Thinking about the cashless economy

Chapter 11, After the gold rush

Part III
The Future: Money That Understands Us

Chapter 12, Seeds of the future

Chapter 13, Counting on cryptography

Chapter 14, Who will make money?

Chapter 15, Reimagining money

Chapter 16, Back to the future

Chapter 17, The next money

Coda: The Story of Money

Appendix: around the cashless world.

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